2014 Internet Marketing Plan and Calendar for Coaches

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2014 Internet Marketing Plan and Calendar for Coaches
2014 Internet Marketing Calendar for Coaches

This 2014 Internet Marketing Plan and Calendar for Coaches is a very popular day by day, step by step plan can help you get traffic.

This plan assumes:

  • Your market research has been done properly.
  • That you are directing traffic to a squeeze page or website with a call-to-action subscription box (this is for optimal results)
  • That you have social media accounts
  • That you will or already have signed up to the recommended resources.
  • That you have a website analytics installed such as Google Analytics to track stats.
  • That you have any software mentioned.

This plan and calendar will be updated from time to time with new marketing strategies.

In this plan you are going to be doing article marketing, video marketing, podcasting, etc.  Having each piece of content focused on keywords that have potential to make you money in your niche is key to generating conversions.

This plan has quite a bit of work involved.  No coaching business is going to become successful without work, but the work gets less and less the more you do.  If you currently don’t have the time to do all the steps required in one day, that’s okay.  Do as much as you can!  The results might come slightly slower, but if you keep doing what’s required, you will see HUGE results.

The following strategy is guaranteed to bring you traffic.  It’s been proven many times to work with those that don’t know a thing about internet marketing.

Be Consistent

A very important part of creating a successful internet business especially in the beginning is consistency.  You must do something every single day to see the results you strive for.  Getting traffic to your website is not any different.  You are able to slack off more and more as you build your business due only to the amount of hard work you dedicate in the beginning.

This system is designed to work your butt off in the beginning and then you can enjoy your coaching business as you want in no time. Give yourself 3-6 months of dedicated consistency and then you can quickly enjoy your time more and more.

This strategy focuses on many aspects of generating traffic to your website.  Each method can be used solely to generate massive numbers of traffic.  It is recommended to try and perfect one method at a time.  You should still be following the daily plan, but focus most of your energy on one aspect at a time so that you can make it the best possible.  Once you have one perfected, focus your energy on another method.

Over a short period of time, you will have quality clients coming from a bunch of sources and your coaching business will only grow exponentially from this.

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