The Biggest Mistake Coaches Are Making With Their Website and How to Fix It

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Mistakes Coaches Make
Mistakes Coaches Make

Ever wonder why you are having trouble getting coaching clients online? Ever wonder why you have visitors who come to your website and leave without contacting you? While I could probably list a lot of common mistakes I see coaches make with their website, today I decided to speak about the biggest mistake.

The Mistake

The biggest mistake that I see Coaches make with their website is trying to sell their services and products to visitors. “Wait what, isn’t that the point” Yes and no. See, most Internet users are not running to websites to buy the first product or service that they come across. Think about it, do you buy the first thing you see online or do you shop around?

Internet users are looking for information. They are looking for a website that helps them. Helps them understand when they want to understand. A website that helps them buy when they want to buy. And – most importantly – a website that helps them decide when they want to decide.

As a Coach you need to take a moment and think about who the Internet serves. Yes, it serves as a marketing tool for business owners. But more importantly, it serves people that are searching for information, people who like to socialize on social networks, and shoppers.

The Proof

Here’s my proof of why trying to sell your coaching services and products are a mistake.

According to the Pew Internet survey:

  • 22% of Internet users spend their time on social networks, so make sure that you are utilizing this avenue.
  • 21% spend their time just searching. Hopefully, your target market and potential clients are able to find your website during their search.
  • 20% spend their time reading content. Having great content is a must if you want to be found in search engines.
  • 19% are reading and writing emails, therefore as a coach you should have a great self-help email marketing campaign. Your website should have a call to action to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • 13% is spending their time using multi-media such as watching videos and listening to audios. This is another great marketing avenue you should be using.
  • And only 5% are actually shopping.

How to Fix It

So it’s time to stop trying to sell and start helping your potential coaching clients find answers.

From reading those statistics you can see that other than social networking, the majority of Internet users are searching and reading content. They are looking for some type of help. Your potential clients are looking for type of help. Therefore, your website needs to help them. So when designing or redesigning your coaching website, don’t start by asking “How can I sell?” or “How can I get coaching clients?” Instead, start by asking “How can I help those who are visiting my website?” You need to make sure your website is a form of online help.

When you help people you begin to build trust, credibility, authority, and website loyalty. Your visitors don’t want to know what you have to sell. They want to know what they how you can best help them and what they can choose to buy. If your primary focus is sales, your visitors will pick up on it.

In order to help your visitors and build trust, you must know:

1. Who’s your target market, your ideal coaching, your audience?

2. What are they looking for?

3. Are they looking for something to make their life, business, career, and/or relationship easier?

4. Are they trying to solve a problem or avoid a problem?

5. Are they looking for a budget solution or a ‘best of breed’ solution?

6. Are they looking for something with all the bells and whistles or something which focuses on one thing only?

7. Are they looking to buy immediately?

Whether you do some real research or just make some educated guesses, it’s important that you know your visitors and potential clients very well. Then, and only then, can you have a great website, build trust, help your visitors, and turn them into paying clients.

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    • Larry G Condon
    • June 17, 2016

    Love this article, made me think about what people are looking for and how I can help them and earn their trust and business. thank you Coach Ayisha.

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