A Surefire Coach Marketing Strategy to Get Coaching Clients, Off-Line.

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Coach Marketing Strategy
Coach Marketing Strategy

What is a good coach marketing strategy? A good coach marketing strategy will be able to help a coach locate potential clients who need life coaching, business coaching, career coaching or any kind of coaching services or products. A good coach marketing strategy will help a coach decipher what techniques work effectively in making this happen. And a good strategy will help coaches attract more clients and bring more profits and revenues in.

The very best coach marketing strategy to acquire more coaching clients is through a direct response marketing system with the capability of carefully tracking and accounting for the source of the traffic. This simply means that whatever method a coach chooses to seek out new coaching clients should have a built-in way of tracking response so the coach knows where the clients came from.

You must tell your potential clients where they can find you AND give them a compelling reason for doing business with you. This actually is the secret behind all marketing. All marketing practices can be boiled down to this one thought. It sounds so simple when you think about it, but this is one of the major stumbling blocks to a successful coaching business. Many coaches think potential clients will spend time and energy searching for coaching services and this is incorrect.

Most potential clients will only buy services and products from people or at places they already know. Therefore you need to give them a good reason to do business with you. If they do not know how to find you, they will not be coming to buy from you. You must find a way to tell potential clients where your business can be found.

So here is a good coach marketing strategy to accomplish this is easy. All you have to do is follow a few basic steps.

1. Press Release: Distribute a press release detailing the latest breakthrough in your coaching niche where coaching services are available only at your place of coaching business. AND include a special telephone number for clients to call for more information.

2. Yellow Pages: Place an ad in your local yellow pages publication. It doesn’t have to be huge, elaborate, or expensive. Something modest with a consistent run will do. Readers become comfortable with ads they have seen before. After your ad runs a few times, you will be surprised how many people begin to feel they can trust giving your coaching service a try.  In addition you should couple your local ad with such things as special discount offers for coaching services.

3. Direct Mail: Send everyone in your zip code a postcard announcing a sale at your coaching services. AND have them mention the postcard to receive the discounted price.

4. Local Expert Interviews: Become the local expert in your coaching niche by being interviewed by local publications such as newspapers, radio stations, etc. AND include a special phone number for clients to call during the broadcast or in the publication to get more information.

5. Speeches: Give a speech at the Chamber of Commerce or a local event. AND hand out problem solving brochures with your address, phone number and a special code number for clients to use to get a discount.

6. Seminars: Host seminars within your community for topics within your coaching niche ie. Finding Your Passion, Losing Weight, Discovering Yourself, Law of Attraction or whatever you specialize in. Sell your products And leave business cards with special codes on them.

Many coaches regard marketing only as a necessary evil. They would rather concentrate on their core business activities. But when they use these simple methods to harness the powerful secret to getting more coaching clients, they can eliminate the pain of marketing. Then their coaching businesses will be truly successful in bringing in more clients, more money and more profits.

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