Get Coaching Clients: Website Visitors Won’t Bite? 2 Ways to Grab Their Attention

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Get Coaching Clients
Get Coaching Clients

You’re a coach, such as a life coach, business coach, career coach, relationship coach, etc.

You have this great website and a prospective coaching client comes to it.

“Nice site,” she says, nodding approvingly. “Pretty colors, great logo.”

She begins to look for the Call to Action: “Click here and get a Free Report.”

And you offer “101 Things a Coach Can Do For You”.


At that point, your prospective coaching client decides to leave. She’s seen this list or something similar. She’s been to dozens of other websites who offers practically the same thing. Her mouse heads over to the search bar or red X to your website out.

How can you grab this visitor’s attention?

 Be a Problem Solver

When you are thinking about a coaching program to create, or a special report to offer to your clients, or an email course that you want to create, remember to create something that will help your clients solve a problem.  “How-to” titles work best, because you demonstrate that you understand the problem and showcase your unique approach.

Life Coach: “How to Change Your Life in 30 Days”

Business Coach: “3 Techniques to Increase Your Sales in 4 Weeks”

Relationship Coach: “Take this 1 Step to Save Your Marriage Today!”

 Distinguish Yourself from the Rest

Make it easier for prospective coaching clients to figure out why you’re different from the competition on the other dozen websites that they just visited.

Wellness Coach: “Not only does my clients lose weight but they have lowered and maintained their blood pressure without medicine”.

Divorce Recovery Coach: “My clients have been able to move on from their divorce and increased income by living their passion”.

Identify benefits your prospective coaching clients may not have anticipated.

For instance, prospective clients may not realize that coaching may benefit them more than counseling or therapy. Make comparisons.

The idea is to be different, solve problems, and offer more. These visitors who see a big list of the same ole benefits and offers, will tune you out if they recognize the first few from previous websites that they have visited.

Instead, find ways to stand-out, showcase yourself and your expertise, professionally.

Write headlines and create coaching product and services that will reach out and force your prospective client to want to read your website, open your emails, download your guide, read your article, and most of all buy your coaching program or service.

Action Plan:

Before you create a coaching program, a special report, a guide, email course, etc. think of a way that you can solve your client’s problem in a time-specific and measurable amount of time.

Then start jotting down some titles. Make sure that your titles include what you can help them with and how long it will take for them to be successful.

Distinguish your services, program, report, or course from the rest and give an outstanding benefit.

2 comments on “Get Coaching Clients: Website Visitors Won’t Bite? 2 Ways to Grab Their Attention”

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    Hi Ayisha,

    Very helpful information to help us stand apart from the rest of the world. I have tried to make my blog posts meaningful and not get sucked into the same marketing “things” that the entire world is participating in. I do, however, like the idea of solving a problem in a certain time frame. Results are really shown that way.

    Thank you for this – I look forward to reading more about marketing from you.



    1. Reply

      Hi Dawn,

      I’m glad that this was helpful for you. Yes, solving problems sell. If we (Coaches) can solve problems in a certain time frame, if we can offer a solution, program, guide, course, coaching that will solve a problem in a certain time frame we will be successful and so will our clients.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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