Get Rich by Narrowing Down Your Coaching Niche

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Coaching Niche and Target Market
Coach Target Market

Have you found yourself wondering why you are overwhelmed in your coaching business? Overwhelmed in marketing your coaching business? There are so many different coaches out there that potential clientele don’t know who to choose. And your coaching business is getting lost of the source of all of it.

The solution to this issue is to narrow your focus on one coaching niche, two is okay. You see it is much easier to become an expert in one coaching niche, even two, rather than three or more areas. I have made a decision to devote my time in coach business training. There are many ways to make money as a coach. But the people who really do well in this world financially are known primarily for one thing.  What coaching niche do you focus on? Many niches or one? I am willing to bet that if your answer is many you are in a state of marketing disconbobulation. Find an area you love, have experience and/or education in and become a coaching expert at it. The trick is to find something you like doing that is profitable financially. This is the secret to making money in coaching.

If there is a market for your coaching product or coaching services, then you can sell it. Do a search on Google and see how many results your area of focus will bring up. If you use keywords, you will get better results. The more targeted the results the better. It doesn’t have to be related to coaching itself, because you should be providing products in your business as well. It is easy to develop a product when you are an expert in that area because you know something that your buyers don’t. You are the expert and they are not. They will pay large sums of money to acquire your expertise.

As coaches we must understand that our time is extremely valuable and the more we focus on too many things, the more time that is wasted. This time could be better spent focusing on one coaching niche. It takes time to learn what your coaching niche market wants. After you learn what they want, give the people what they desire. If your child wants a piece of pizza and you give them fish that would cause sadness in their hearts. They may cry and be upset with you. In the same way, if you give your target market something different than what they are asking for they will remove themselves from your list or no longer associate with you.

So use your time wisely and learn what your target market wants. Once you have determined what they want, if you do not already have a coaching product or service created to meet their needs create one. Remember what they have told you and use the desires of their hearts as your blueprint to create excellent coaching services and products.

Your job as the coaching expert is to provide the answers to the questions that your target market is asking. You answer their questions with your coaching products and services and you will be seen as an coaching expert by them. You can also become qualified as an expert by creating a blog about your niche market. You can have your readers post their questions on your blog. Answer their questions on your blog and they will also begin to view you in a different light. This will prove to them that you care about what they have to say. People buy more easily when they trust the person they are buying from. A blog is a great way to create an atmosphere of trust. You can also build a great deal of rapport with your market in this way as well. You can get to know your market on your blog and they can get to know you. An excellent method to implement to accomplish this is simply to be open with your life. Talk about your family and life on the blog and you will find that your market is more likely to talk about their family.

You now have a number of concepts to implement in your coaching business right now. The key is to go out and do them. You will be greatly rewarded if you do. One coaching niche can indeed make you rich.


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