Market Your Coaching Services Through Email and How to Get Started

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Email marketing for Coaches
Email Marketing for Coaches

A lot of Coaches undermine the concept of marketing their coaching services through email, because they think that the emails will not be read. However, if they subscribe to something of their interest that will help and benefit them they are more likely to read the email. Marketing through email is different and much more effective than selling directly from your website.

Here’s Why…

When a visitor comes to your website you only have one shot to convert that visitor into a client and therefore you have to get in all the benefits of your coaching services. On the other hand, email has the benefit of building relationships and provides ongoing contact with that visitor who once came to your website.

How to Get Their Email

The best thing to do at this point is to capture your visitor’s email when they come on your website, so that you don’t lose contact with them. Put a subscription box on your website. The subscription box should offer something that will begin to help them out today, not to tomorrow. Offer them a free report, eBook, eCourse or some type of valuable information of how to change their life, business, career, etc. within the next 30 days. Offer them something that they can put into action starting today. Offer them something that will show your coaching expertise in your niche.

How to Get Started

To get started with email marketing you will need an email marketing software. I personally use Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp as well as other email marketing software have an autoresponder that will automatically send out emails for you every day.

Build Relationships

Once you have captured their email by sending them a free report, eBook, eCourse etc. you will begin to build a relationship with them and show them that you are an expert Coach in your niche. Remember these are potential clients. It is important that you build a relationship first before you start selling your services or products. You need to establish trust and loyalty. This is what will get your emails opened time after time. Once your emails are getting opened and you have your reader’s trust, then it will be easier for you to offer your coaching services. It will be easier for you to convert your readers into paying clients. They will acknowledge your expertise in your coaching niche and they will feel that you are really trying to help them.

If you are pushy and try to sell too much without first building trust, readers are more likely to tune you out than seek coaching services with you.

Build Trust

Provide unique and original content that will directly benefit the reader. Base the content around your coaching niche and the topic of interest that captured their email. Do this consistently and readers will start to believe in you as an expert Coach.

You should send relationship building emails for 3 days and then on the 4th day send them an email about your services. You should send 7 days of beneficial content and then begin to send emails every other day or 3 times a week for the first month. After the first month you should send weekly relationship building emails and offer your services sparingly or add your services at the end of the email.

Finally, every once in a while offer a promotion. Perhaps it’s a holiday sale, your birthday sale, or a favorite day of the year sale; whatever the reason is, just a few times a year offer a sale of 15% to 50% off.

We are at the end of this article and now you should be able to see why marketing your coaching services through email is better than putting all of your attention on the website.


Create a free report, eBook, eCourse or some type of valuable information of how your potential coaching clients can change their life, business, career, etc. within the next 30 days.

Next find an email marketing service such as MailChimp and then begin building relationships with your visitors.


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