Preparing Your Client for Their First Coaching Session

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Prepare Your Coaching Clients
Prepare Your Coaching Clients

Coaching can be a very expensive investment of your client’s time, so you’ll want to make sure that your client gets as much as they can from each coaching session. Help your client prepare for their first session by making sure they have the following information ready.

The best way to do this is with a form. I provided a link of the coaching form that I use at end of this article.

1. Their goals for the coaching session

What does your client want to walk away with when the session is done? At the least, this should be an action plan. But they might also be looking for specific feedback on a situation.

2. Areas your coaching client would like to focus on

Which parts of their life do they want to focus on in this particular session? Is it a specific area in their life, career, or business?

3. Progress they have made

They need to know and express what have they achieved and how?  What are they proud of?

4. Problems your coaching client have been struggling with

What kinds of problems or obstacles have been preventing them from moving forward? Have there been specific things that kept them from achieving more? Do they need help with identifying a solution?

5. Things they have learned about themselves

What have they learned that might affect the way they move forward? Is there anything that would affect their new goals that they will create with you? Are there things that they now know are particularly effective? Or maybe there are tactics that they now know will not work for them?

6. Their own ideas for what to do next

Based on everything they have learned since their first free session with you, what do THEY think they should do next?

7. Specific questions they have for you, the coach

What questions do your coaching clients have that might need answered either right now or soon? It’s best if they keep an ongoing list of questions in between sessions. While they should always ask for help as they go along, not everything needs to be answered immediately. Have your client keep a list of questions that can wait for this next coaching session.

Just thinking through each of these 7 items may give your coaching client some insight in how they need to move ahead. And, being prepared in advance for their coaching sessions will help them to stay focused on the most important issues they need help on.

Download the Individual Coaching Plan Worksheet.

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    • Kisha Johnson Mcrae
    • January 7, 2016

    Not sure what went wrong but i was unable to download the coaching plan. Keep getting an error message indicating its nothing found. Could you send me a seperate link to downliad to my email.. above. Here it is again

    1. Reply

      HI Kisha, I will look for it and send it to you!

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